Brexit Import & Export Guidance

Practical advice for all eventualities

No doubt you will have had a barrage of emails from freight forwarders over the last few months telling you what steps you need to take now in the event of a ‘No Deal’.

Whatever happens; deal or no deal, how we trade with the EU will change in the future when we exit or get to the end of an agreed transition period. Customs intervention will be needed.

Freight Essentials

Brexit Webinar Series


Exporting to the EU after the 1st January 2021


Importing from the EU after the 1st January 2021

Download The Brexit Survival Guide

The Ultimate Guide to Brexit Customs for Logistics and Supply Chain Managers

Importer's Checklist

A Brexit checklist for Importers


CTC Explained

A detailed explanation of the Common Transit Convention (CTC)


Customs Authorisation

A ready made form to fill out print and send


Exporter's Checklist

A Brexit checklist for Exporters


New Invoice Format

An example invoice template for export declarations


VAT Deferral Methods

A guide to Post VAT Accounting (PVA)


10 Brexit Questions

A set of questions that are important to know the answers to.


Useful Information

Important registrations and vital information

Tony Shally

If you need any more information on how Brexit might affect your trade with the EU, please contact our Managing Director, Tony Shally.

M: 07947 641017
T: 01543 412311
E: Email Tony

Extension, Election, Revocation, Impeachment, Referendum, Resignation, Deal, No Deal… how will Brexit affect imports and exports? Nobody knows what’s going to happen for certain as we approach Brexit deadline on 31st October. All we can do is plan for the worst and make sure that both our companies are ready for a Day 1 No Deal (D1ND) situation on November 1st. We have our Brexit logistics plan in place; We’re ready with our customs software, training and Dover based customs clearance agent to assist with additional declarations and transit documents. If you need any extra Brexit guidance on imports and exports get in touch.

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