EasyEU is an innovative customs solution from Espace Europe – Export like Brexit never happened!

It relieves your European customers and suppliers from any customs related burden – be those customs clearance documents and fees or import VAT and duties.

And it simplifies the processes for you!

Our industry leading product will enable you to export and import to and from Europe as if the UK had never left and allows you to compete on a level playing field against European competition.


EasyEU will allow you to trade with your European customers just as you did before Brexit.

It removes all barriers and burdens of import from your EU clients and for them makes buying from a UK company very attractive.

Benefits of EasyEU for GB Sellers

  • Increased EU sales
  • Increased value in those sales
  • Improved relationships
  • Total control over cross border movements
  • No need to register for VAT in any European country
  • Predictable delivery dates and times
  • Predictable “all in” delivery costs


Utilising France as a pan-European exit frontier, EasyEU allows us to offer industry leading transit times for all export consignments from any of the 27 European countries.

Benefits of EasyEU for GB importers

  • No need for “local” customs agents in the EU Country of Export
  • No need to sign multiple Indirect Representation forms
  • No need to pay cash-up-front for European customs documents
  • GB import VAT and duty auto allocated via GVMS
  • Fastest possible European express and dedicated vehicle transit times
  • Simplified pricing

If these solutions could work for you call 01543 418700 or email solutions@espaceglobalfreight.com

Your frequently asked questions

Do I have to pay EU import VAT?

We have two different solutions, but the answer in short is no.

Under our first solution, you would hire an EU VAT number from a VAT agent on a Pay-As-You-Go basis. As it’s their VAT number, they perform the pay and reclaim resulting in no import VAT to pay by you.

Our second solution is to apply for your own EU VAT number. Having your own VAT number will mean you having to make VAT and INTRASTAT returns but still not pay any VAT.

Do I have to pay import duty?

In accordance with the GB-EU Free Trade Agreement, over 95% of commodities of GB origin are duty free. Under DDP however, any duty payable would be charged back to the GB shipper. That’s OK though – all duties and clearance costs are predictable and could be charged on to your EU customer in a simplified, all-in rate.

Is this working for others?

We have an increasing number of shippers who send part and dedicated shipments to Europe using EasyEU. Read the testimonials on page four!

It sounds too good to be true. What are you hiding?

Nothing. All of our shipment costs will be clearly spelled out allowing you to recover and profit from them if you wish in your “all in” quote to your customer. What’s more, as you’re removing the Transit (T1) procedure, you’re removing that cost and you should see a reduction in transport fees too.

The perfect export solution for dedicated express and full load vehicles into Europe

What our customers say

It gave us back control of the shipping process…

From the moment the results of the Brexit vote were released, we were determined to deliver to our clients as they had been used to. A lot of our sales contracts were on DAP Incoterms and those early shipments and transit declarations were nightmare-ish! Often the buyer was not used to and therefore not set up for importing which caused a raft of problems. Espace introduced the idea of DDP in an early post-Brexit webinar and we began discussions then. It gave us back control of the shipping process, delivery time and costs. In all honesty, our clients and ourselves, cannot wait to ship everything into Europe using DDP.

We pay no VAT or duty…

We worked with Espace for years before Brexit but unfortunately, our need to sell DDP into Europe couldn’t be met by them in 2021. A change in regulations in early 2022 meant we could not ship anything via our established DDP route into Germany and I called Espace to see if they could offer a solution. I was really surprised by what they offered and the ease of implementation. We pay no import VAT or duty, costs are predictable and easily recoverable from our client. We use EasyEU to ship to Germany, Holland, Italy and Hungary. It works very well.