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Following correct procedures is critical in freight.

When specialist cargo is being moved across the world, you need a reliable freight partner to make sure that your supply chain is not at risk of potential errors in admin, errors in disposal and errors in unloading.

The Problem

The medical industry has several key healthy and safety factors.

Unlike others that need addressing, goods must be moved in a safe way to prevent any contamination and thus must also be unloaded correctly and carefully as well. Correct removal of waste to prevent blocking of wards while unloading is also key.

White Glove Express Freight

The Solution

Proof Of Delivery

For a white glove logistics job in the medical industry, proof of delivery was a specific requirement of the customer for their client.

Espace provided

  • Provided customer paperwork to our trusted haulier from our experienced network
  • Digital POD, with time, date, name and signature confirmed within 1 hour of the delivery landing
  • Physical POD for records, within 1 working day of delivery

Careful Details

This job was for hospital wards and doctors’ surgeries. The medical industry has high requirements for safety involving the delivery and unloading of goods, along with correct disposal of packaging and pallets at wards request to keep the area clean and tidy.

Espace Provided


  • Haulier carefully unpacks the goods, ensuring no damage or contamination.
  • Removal of packaging and pallets, disposing of these responsibly by recycling.

The Result

Providing a detail critical service is part of what Espace does.

Espace have a proven history in the healthcare sector. Our team are experts in getting cargo to the right place in the right way to give you confidence in your supply chain.

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