What is EspaceTV?

Here at Espace we’re passionate about educating and providing our customers with up to date freight industry knowledge. Our priority is to make your day to day lives that little bit easier in any way that we can. EspaceTV will bring you regular freight related tips and tricks to help you reduce costs, be more efficient and get better value for your freight spend.

We will shed light on complicated customs areas, provide solutions to common freight issues and bring you up to date news on specific changes within the market. The past few years have been such a whirlwind of new terminology, new rules and market changes. We are here to support you. We are always #heretohelp

Episode 4

The Value & Benefit of a Freight Audit

With costs rising in every corner, how can you keep in control of your freight spend? Today EspaceTV will guide you on a how a freight audit can make you fully in control of your spend.

Episode 3

We have all been feeling the sting of inflation in the past year. Today we shed light on some of the factors pumping up inflation in freight and how a forwarder can help manage this for you.

Episode 2

“Why should I use a freight forwarder when I can go to a haulier direct?” Kelly answers these questions from her experience with 22 years on the road with 5 clear benefits that freight forwarders can bring to your business.

Episode 1

Welcome to Espace TV! Kelly & Geoff discuss the benefits of shipping DDP into Europe from the UK.