What is EspaceTV?

Here at Espace we’re passionate about educating and providing our customers with up to date freight industry knowledge. Our priority is to make your day to day lives that little bit easier in any way that we can. EspaceTV will bring you regular freight related tips and tricks to help you reduce costs, be more efficient and get better value for your freight spend.

We will shed light on complicated customs areas, provide solutions to common freight issues and bring you up to date news on specific changes within the market. The past few years have been such a whirlwind of new terminology, new rules and market changes. We are here to support you. We are always #heretohelp

Episode 17

Understanding the significance of cultural holidays such as Diwali is essential for anyone involved in international logistics. In this episode of EspaceTV, Commercial Director Geoff Yates will delve into the meaning and importance of Diwali and discuss why cultural awareness is crucial in the world of logistics.

Episode 16

With a UK-India free trade agreement on the cards, our Commercial Director Geoff Yates discusses the top sectors poised for growth as these two economic powerhouses work to boost trade, investment, and collaboration together.

Episode 15

Sustainable supply chain solutions are becoming more and more of a consideration for Global Manufacturer’s. In today’s episode of EspaceTV our Commercial Director Geoff Yates explores the transformative impact of EV haulage on the supply chain.

Episode 14

Getting started exporting and importing outside of Europe is an intimidating task. Today we wanted to let you know the key facts and what to look out for when working with Indian freight.

Episode 13

India’s rich history of trade spans centuries, dating back to ancient civilisations. Today we wanted to take a look at the historical significance of how India became such a key player in the global market from old spice routes to space freight. .

Episode 12

As a Global Freight Forwarder we are moving freight all over the world via sea, air and land every minute of the day. We understand the export and import process may be overwhelming even for seasoned exporters and importers so today we will be talking all things air freight to simplify the process.

Episode 11

The British International Freight Association – BIFA is the prime UK trade association representing UK Freight Forwarders with over 1600 members. At Multimodal 2023, Kelly and Connor spoke with BIFA Executive Director Carl Hobbis about the BIFA young forwarder network, apprenticeships and how best to engage young people in logistics and supply chain

Episode 10

Working with a forwarder who belongs to a global freight network can offer several benefits to UK exporters. Kelly sits down with Adam McKenna from the WCA to discuss the benefits of a global freight network.

Episode 9

There is often confusion when it comes to freight insurance, what exactly do you need? Will it dent my budget more than I think? How much risk do I face for being underinsured? What are ‘special drawing rights’? In today’s EspaceTV Kelly gives advice on common questions about freight insurance.

Episode 8

The UK recently joined ‘The Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership’ also known as the CPTPP. Making up 13% of the world’s income, what does joining this trade block mean for UK exporters? Kelly and Geoff discuss

Episode 7

What does phase 3 of the EU mobility package entail? Exactly how will it impact the time-critical freight sector? Kelly Vasey and Geoff Yates discuss.

Episode 6

With AI technology and consumer behavior transforming the global freight market Kelly looks at other key trends and speaks to Nick O’Sullivan MBE about the future of the freight industry.

Episode 5

Sustainability has never been a hotter topic and many businesses have objectives to become more sustainable in the coming years. It’s time to go green but how can a freight forwarder help you to achieve this?

Episode 4

The Value & Benefit of a Freight Audit

With costs rising in every corner, how can you keep in control of your freight spend? Today EspaceTV will guide you on a how a freight audit can make you fully in control of your spend.

Episode 3

We have all been feeling the sting of inflation in the past year. Today we shed light on some of the factors pumping up inflation in freight and how a forwarder can help manage this for you.

Episode 2

“Why should I use a freight forwarder when I can go to a haulier direct?” Kelly answers these questions from her experience with 22 years on the road with 5 clear benefits that freight forwarders can bring to your business.

Episode 1

Welcome to Espace TV! Kelly & Geoff discuss the benefits of shipping DDP into Europe from the UK.