Festival and Event Freight – Getting the right tent to the right event!
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The events and festivals industry wants to provide stress-free fun and camping so ticket holders can have a great time without worrying about a rainy day ruining their campsite. Many festival hosting companies provide tents for the people, and with a focus on sustainability being key in everyone’s mind, tents can often be re-used and cleaned between events and a quick turnaround is needed to have them readily available.

The Problem

Multiple events with many pick ups, festivals looming

A full load of tents used for Creamfields Festival in Cheshire and another full load from The Big Feastival need to be collected and moved to Laois in Ireland within one day. So these tents could be cleaned and ready to head back into the UK for storage in Somerset, this festival and event freight work allows the tents to soon be used again for the next festival.

White Glove Express Freight
White Glove Express Freight
White Glove Express Freight

The Solution

Quick Movement In and Out of Ireland

All goods shipped outbound and inbound on a carnet, allowing the tents to quickly move in and out of Ireland. Using our network of carriers this was no issue for Espace to fully keep track of and make the next day delivery.

The Result

Clean and Ready for the Next Event

Tents all cleaned and ready for future events within a few days after an intense festival season. Re-using tents helps increase the sustainabilty of these events and generally reduce waste for the festival and events industry, making a greener future for all involved and reducing the carbon footprint. Espace will always look for greener solutions to help you in the freight world.

1. Two pick ups of tents from two festivals made easy

2. Quick movement of goods outward from the UK

3. Quick movement back into the UK

4. All handled with care to prevent any damage


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