Port Fees

Below is a list of the port fees, charges and costs at different UK ports as of December 2023.

Important information about Post Brexit Port Fees

One of the many issues which came to light in the immediate aftermath of Brexit were additional port fees for inventory linked ports. For many companies who previously dealt exclusively with intra-Community EU movements these came as a surprise.

We have seen port fees increasing over the last year and some new fees being introduced. These are direct costs which we are incurring for consignments which we complete customs entries for. These fees are publicly available.

We do believe there will be a levelling and move towards standardisation of port fees across all ports over the next couple of years.

Please note, there continues to be no fees incurred for major driver-accompanied RoRo ports such as Dover.

Keep an eye on our Brexit page as well as a source of other key information.


How Espace handle these fees

We have no intent of profiteering from port fees. Often as an importer of goods, you have no control over how vehicles cross from the Continent. We will however have to charge a small admin fee per file. We will itemise port fees and our admin fee on each invoice.

It’s important to note that we have control over the port of entry for consignments we are handling the customs clearance and transport for. For these consignments, we will not be charging Inventory Clearance Costs. Likewise there are no fees related to ports where the Goods Vehicle Movement Service is used.
If you would like any further information or explanation, please phone us on 01543 418700 or send us an email customs@espaceglobalfreight.com.