Dual-Mode Freight Solutions
Sea and Air

Espace understands the delicate balance of cost of freight vs time of delivery.

For a recent project moving bespoke machinery in the confectionary market from Birmingham, UK to Brisbane, Australia we used our knowledge of the global freight market to create a solution to this issue.

The Problem

For a 10,000+ mile journey, we had two options to move this oversized machinery to its destination.

  • Fly via a specialist freighter aircraft for a large price, as a passenger plane would not be possible due to the size of the machine
  • Travel on the sea for 50 days on the water

Neither option would work for our client, with the value for cost on air and the transit time too long on the sea.
Working towards a deadline, Espace looked for a way to help.

The Solution

Using our comprehensive network of freight WCA agents in 200+ countries, Espace found a way to move this cargo via both air and sea.

Moving the cargo from Birmingham, UK to Singapore via air freight, transferring to a shipping container and finally spending a fortnight on the water to reach Brisbane, Australia. This made the best use of both methods of transport, allowing each to shine.

Dual Mode Case Study Sea and Air Freight

The Result

Using both modes of freight saved both time and cost on this project.

  • 50% reduction in cost compared to air freight only
  • Over 30 days faster compared to sea freight only

Espace continues to develop and learn more effective ways to help our customers, tailoring solutions to provide you the best possible result in freight forwarding


Reduction in Cost Compared to Air Freight Only

Days Faster Than Sea Freight Alone

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