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Christmas Survival Guide

The Espace Christmas Survival Guide As holiday season is fast approaching here at Espace HQ we’re gearing up to peak Christmas freight movement. Every year, it feels like Christmas comes around faster and often catches you off-guard in your supply chain planning. ...

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International Trade Week 2023

Starting today November 6th to November 10th The UK Government today will again be hosting International Trade Week, a week of webinars and events to promote global trade opportunities for UK businesses to learn more about and take advantage of export opportunities...

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Ban on Russian Steel

Russian Steel Ban The sanction imposing the ban on imports of Russian steel and iron processed in a third country went live on 30th September, 2023.Both the EU & UK governments now require evidence that all steel products of all origins do not contain material of...

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Exhibiting at SMMT Electrified

Espace will be exhibiting at the SMMT Electrified event next week! SMMT Electrified runs from 09:00 – 17:00 GMT at the QEII Centre, London. Have you got your ticket? If so we’d love to chat to you on the day. Espace are committed to supporting SMMT members with...

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India or Bharat?

A new chapter may be about to begin In late September the Modi-led government are looking to bring a special resolution to look to change the official name of India to Bharat. This would be a large statement in how the country wishes to be seen as it pushes to the...

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Celebrating Indian Independence Day

Commemorating History and Trade Opportunities As a UK freight forwarder, the Espace team take pride in acknowledging significant events that shape global trade relationships.Indian Independence Day is a momentous holiday each year on August 15th which marks India's...

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