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Espace are part of the World Cargo Alliance ( WCA) with access to
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Robin Taylor heads up our Sea & Air Freight department, expertly assisted by Rachael Birt and Harsheet Singh. So if you have any air or sea freight shipments to or from any far fetched places in the world, we will have an agent close by who can handle the customs clearance, documentation and inland transit for us.

Espace Sea Freight

What we can offer


Global LCL and FCL sea freight services via our trusted partner network of shipping lines and NVOCCs


An unrivalled service from a highly experienced sea freight expert

Document Control

Help with all documentary requirements; bills of lading, letters of credit, certificates of origin, commodity codes, packing lists and all VAT and Duty issues.

Your Sea Freight Experts

If you just want a bit of advice or a sea freight quotation, our team is here to help

Robin Taylor

Robin Taylor

Sea & Air Freight Manager

Direct Dial: 01543 412324
Email Robin
Harsheet Singh

Harsheet Singh

Sea & Air Freight Operator

Direct Dial: 01543 412309
Email Harsheet
Rachael Birt

Rachael Birt

Sea & Air Freight Operator

Direct Dial: 01543 412290
Email Rachael

About Sea Freight

Sea freight services have changed quite dramatically over recent decades following the introduction of ISO maritime containers in the late 1960’s.

The utilisation of containers to carry cargo subsequently encouraged the establishment and growth of LCL (Less than Container Load) consolidation services and FCL (Full Container Load) services.

Today, modern large container vessels operate according to regular schedules, many delivering and collecting from a considerable number of ports en route. This system means that shipping lines can offer regular departures, accurate transit times and predictable costs for both part load and full load container shipments.

Shipment by ocean freight is generally considered to be the most efficient and least expensive way of moving larger quantities of goods over long distances and, for certain cargoes and inter-Continental routes, it is the only practical solution. On the other hand, movement by sea is quite slow, so it isn’t perhaps appropriate for more urgent, or time- sensitive consignments.

Espace offers a comprehensive range of services

For the shipment of goods by sea we can put together a complete package which includes collection ex-works, documentation, terminal handling, ocean freight, insurance, Customs clearance, handling and final delivery to destination. These services are available for both part load (LCL) and full load (FCL) quantities and for both export and import shipments. We can, where required, arrange for our overseas agents to deal with your suppliers or customers to assist with local transport, documentation and Customs formalities and we can give you an informed estimate of the time it will take for goods to be imported or exported.

The UK continues to import far more than it exports – in terms of physical goods – and few exporters and importers are aware that this imbalance seriously affects the freight prices charged by shipping lines. Where exports from the UK are concerned, the large excess of supply of freight services, compared to demand for them, means that it has very much been a buyer’s market for many years. In some cases, the cost of shipping to distant markets in Asia is lower than the cost of delivering the same goods within Europe! Recently, to the dismay of shipping lines and, following the substantial downturn in Asian exports to Europe, freight rates for imports into the UK and Europe have also slumped.

Espace constantly monitors shipping line service performance and ocean freight rates in order to pass on the benefits of rapid transport times and low prices to its clients.

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