The French government has taken the decision to charge a €40 fee for every foreign worker operating in France on a temporary basis, for foreign companies. This charge looks to come into place on the 1 January 2018. The Charge will affect the UK’s ability of UK’s logistical operators which operate in Europe.

The Freight Transport Association (FTA) has criticised the French government’s decision to charge a €40 fee. The fee has been described as “excessive” and “protectionist”. The FTA Head of European Policy calls for the “European Commission to react strongly and speed up its ongoing legal case against France, to ensure that trade can continue to flow across borders in a seamless manner and to protect the integrity of the single market.”

This sort of controversy is nothing new from the French government. Just last year the French tried to impose, that anyone driving international road vehicles received payment whilst in the country equal to, or exceeding that, of French minimum wages.

Just Less than two weeks the EU community was congratulating France on the election of Emmanual Macron, now they are asking him to reverse this “protectionist” policy. What shall he do?

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