Busy Bee

Our MD, Tony, has been a busy bee over the last few months. Here’s some of what he’s been up to:

Tony talks Brexit

Tony was on Channel 4 news discussing Brexit and how It will affect freight going in an out of the UK.

As an expert on the subject tony was asked to come and explain what Brexit would mean in terms of customs, how it will affect shipping prices and what he Is advising for his customers. Watch Tony talk Brexit.

An evening with Lord Coe

He met Seb Coe at an Entrepreneurs Circle awards ceremony.

The Entrepreneurs Circle is a group that advises companies like Espace on how to help their customers in the best way possible.

One award winner to another

At another award ceremony, this time the BIFA awards, he met Dame Kelly Holmes.

Espace were shortlisted as a finalist for the BIFA Extra Mile Award. Finalists were chosen based on their ongoing pursuit of excellence in every area of their business. This isn’t the first time we have been shortlisted for an award either, visit our awards page to see more.

In the papers

Espace were also in the papers!

Due to Espace’s rapid growth as a company over the last 12 months, the express and star wrote a piece about us and how we are creating jobs and about us being an employee owned company. Espace is still growing too!

Transport Logistic Munich 2019

Tony and Geoff also went to Europe’s largest transport and logistics exhibition in Munich.

Transport logistic in Munich is the largest logistics fair in the world and having Espace in attendance as exhibitors puts us at the forefront of what we do.

Superhuman, we think so!

And on top of all of this Tony completed an Olympic distance triathlon.

1500m swim, 40km bike ride and 10km run in just over 3.5 hours!

How To Move An Abnormal Load

How To Move An Abnormal Load

Do you have an abnormal load that needs moving? Here at Espace we have experience organising the movement of all sorts of things from the urgent to the downright strange. Here are some of our favourite weird shipments!

Ferrari car shipment

It wasn’t Sebastian Vettel’s Ferrari but it was a £100,000
Ferrari California on board our car transporter on route
to the south of France.

Our car transporter driver collected the car at the Ferrari
dealership in Leeds and delivered it next day to Nice, France.
He met the lucky recipient, an American business man at Nice
airport and handed over the keys.

Pizza Oven

In April this year, we were contacted by a restaurant
owner in Barnsley with a big problem.

He’d been let down by a transport company bringing in a 2600 kilo pizza
oven for him from Naples. The oven installation had to take place on
Tuesday 10th April. It was still sitting in Naples at 11am on Friday 6th
April when he got a call to say “sorry no can do”.
In a panic he Googled “emergency freight “, found and called us just
before midday on the Friday. By 4pm we had a 7.5 tonner loading at
the factory in Naples and at 8am on Tuesday morning the driver was in
Barnsley in time for installation before the grand opening.

The turret loaded vertically

In September last year, we moved this turret on a low
loader from Tonbridge in Kent to Valencia. Initially we
were asked to move it as a 4m wide piece.

We suggested that the piece could be moved a lot cheaper as a
4 metre high rather than wide piece. After passing the drawings
onto our trusted abnormal supplier in Spain, they suggested
suitable restraining points and sourced the correct length chains
for their driver. Goods were collected and delivered on time and
in budget.

Festival Stage

In June last year, we were contacted by a specialist events
management company to quote for a UK logistics contract.

It included the storage and transport of a large mobile
stage around the UK to 7 food and drink festivals they were
organising. We started working with The Fair back in 2014 as
their preferred logistics supplier for a large number of music
festivals they were involved with.


This catamaran needed to be transported from Bordeaux to Perpignan.

We organised its shipment with our preferred abnormal agent in france. They’re specialists in boat transportation as you can see.

13.3m x 7.4m x 4.4m and weighed 15 tonnes.

With the assistance of this agent and a number
of other specialist European abnormal load
agents, we can get pretty much anything

Fighter jet

we were asked to quote for the movement of a fighter jet.

With the help of our abnormal haulage partner in Holland, we quoted on the cranage, cocooning and transport of the jet from a naval base in Milan to one in Lyon. With an overall width of 4.1 metres, the jet was accompanied all the way by an escort vehicle. It arrived on time and in budget.

For more information about our abnormal load movement, visit our oversize page Here.

European Truck Driver Shortage Update

European Truck Driver Shortage Update

Best estimates put a figure of 20% of tractor units standing empty all over Europe.

Why? We simply haven’t got enough European HGV drivers. In the U.K and Germany alone, a shortage of 300,000 HGV drivers is predicted by 2020.

With e-commerce having an increasing share of all retail sales in the uk, up from 16.4-18% between 2017 and 2018, the demand for transport services is growing rapidly. Supply of transport on the other hand, is falling.

Basic economics has kicked in. The days of a forwarder or logistics company dictating rates to European and UK hauliers are long gone. UK and European haulage rates have been steadily increasing throughout 2017 and continue to do so.

To add to the existing crisis, the Freight Transport Association fears that the UK’s impending departure from the European Union will greatly exacerbate the problem of driver shortages and shortfalls of staff within the wider logistics sector, with concerns that this is already beginning to happen.

For more information about how Brexit will affect your shipment visit our Brexit page Here.

In The Papers – Espace Creates Jobs Through Growth

In The Papers – Espace Creates Jobs Through Growth

Due to our rapid growth over the last 12 months, Espace have been making waves in the press. Read this extract from an article in the Express and Star:

Freight forwarding company Espace Europe has taken on 10 people over the previous 18 months – as well as an apprentice – and is set to recruit again as it continues to grow.

“Our plan is to turnover £9 million this year and £10m next year; doubling our figure of £5m in 2017,” explained Lichfield-based Espace’s managing director Tony Shally.

It follows his decision in September 2017 to transfer 100 per cent of the shares of his company to his staff, making his then team of 17 the sole beneficiaries via an Employee Ownership Trust.

“Since the transfer, turnover has increased, the team has swelled to 27, profits have increased by 35 per cent, additional premises have been secured, and three new services are now offered to our clients. And importantly, staff engagement and motivation levels are at an all-time high. Our people are at the centre of Espace and they understand what customers want,” said Mr Shally.

The employee ownership model caught the attention of Solihull-based freight company, Westhaven Worldwide Logistics, which liked the concept so much, they sold their business to Espace in June 2018 and transferred their three employees to Espace’s Lichfield office.
“The switch to employee ownership and the purchase of WWL has been a ‘win win’ for everyone. My loyal staff are helping me to develop Espace into the Midland’s ‘go-to’ company for commercial freight delivery on a national, European and global scale. I couldn’t be happier with my decision to leave my company to them,” said Mr Shally.

To read more visit the Express and Star website here

Brexit Update – Postponed VAT Accounting for imports

Brexit Update – Postponed VAT Accounting for imports

Postponed VAT

In the event of a no deal Brexit the UK government have announced they will introduce Postponed VAT Accounting (PVA) for both EU and non-EU imports by UK registered businesses.

This will enable VAT registered businesses to declare and recover import VAT on their VAT returns, rather than having to pay it upfront and subsequently recover it on their VAT return.

How will this work?

Registration will not be required for importers to use PVA. The intention to use PVA for an import will be declared on the customs entry.

This will come into effect from Day 1 of a no deal Brexit, however it will be optional. VAT can still be paid upfront if an importer wishes to do so.

What statements will be issued?

C79 VAT certificates will not be issued for goods declared using PVA. Instead a monthly postponed import VAT statement will be made available for importers via the government digital service.

This statement will indicate the total VAT postponed for the previous month in order to declare this on the quarterly VAT return.

PVA currently does not exist in the UK. More details on this service will be published by the government in due course.

Other VAT deferral methods.

The currently allows two systems for import VAT deferral (standard deferral and SIVA).

SIVA (Simplified Import VAT Accounting) requires a lower level of financial security than standard import VAT deferral. We therefore suggest importers seek SIVA approval first. VAT registered businesses can apply for SIVA online

Need more help on Brexit?

For more information on how the UK’s attempts to leave the EU will affect your business visit our Brexit Import & Export Guide.

The Weirdest Illegal Imports Laws

Whilst most imports bans make a whole lot of sense when it comes to things like weapons and drugs. Other import bans can be a little harder to understand and come across as somewhat bizarre. Below are a few of the bizarre import bans from around the globe.


Chewing Gum Is Not Allowed in Singapore

Chewing Gum

People who are found to be with chewing gum face fines of up to $100,000 (SGD) and a prison sentence.

Banned Baby Walkers in Canada


Canadians caught with baby walkers or caught selling baby walkers can face fines up to $100,000 (CAD).

Haggis Banned in The United States


Since 1971 haggis is illegal to import in the US. Sheep’s lungs, a key ingredient of haggis is banned by America’s food standards agency.

Lightbulbs in Australia and Cuba


Incandescent lightbulbs are banned in Australia after a law was passed in 2007. Similarly, Cuba banned all import of the lightbulbs in 2005.

Fancy Dress Masks in Saudi Arabia

Guy Fawkes Mask

Due to the movie ‘V’ for Vendetta Saudi Arabia in 2013 have banned Guy Fawkes’ masks. The mask became a popular way for protesters to protest and retain their anonymity.