Starting today November 6th to November 10th

The UK Government today will again be hosting International Trade Week, a week of webinars and events to promote global trade opportunities for UK businesses to learn more about and take advantage of export opportunities around the world.

What will be on the agenda?

The week will host webinars focused on giving advice on exporting goods to several countries around the globe, from France to Uzbekistan to India. The events will also look into specific industries for the unique challenges and opportunities they face. There will even be a webinar on the CPTPP trade deal which you can learn more about here on EspaceTV.

How do I sign up and find out more?

Registration is now open on the Government Department for Business and Trade website with the full agenda of International Trade Week 2023.

I want to get trading, what next?

Talk to our team who are here to help with all freight needs across the UK, Europe, and worldwide.

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