How has a senior British F1 team dealt with moving time critical automotive goods in the past few years since Brexit?

Brexit brought major problems for a senior British F1 team. Well used to global shipping and using ATA Carnet to move equipment around the world, adapting to new European regulations wasn’t difficult.However, when it came to moving consumables, parts which may be used or not, their headaches began.

To prepare for the testing and racing season post Brexit, they set up a store in central Europe to call off consumables as and when needed. It worked well but staffing and holding stock was expensive and with stringent budget caps to adhere to, year two brought them to Espace looking for new ideas.

There were several complexities, the consumables needed to go out to support an event, may be used, may not be used. They may need to go to the next European event, on again, or they may need to be returned to the UK based factory. Due to their varied nature, a consignment may contain hundreds of unique HS codes making handling of data quickly and accurately, complex and hugely important.

Having established that the team have the required country specific European VAT number and plotting the European race and major testing locations, Espace suggested moving the goods under the DDP inco term and using the three major northern French ports of Calais, Dunkirk and Le Havre as a gateway to Europe where we have agency representation and can present personnel quickly should any issues arise.

Large quantities of data are handled via our unique XML upload template.

Utilising our French customs clearance agent, goods moved through any of these ports can be delivered directly to any location without the need for further customs intervention, something which is often a problem for clients moving goods to events and exhibitions, and not unique to motorsport. Import VAT is postponed against the relevant EU VAT number (French where clearing through French ports) and any duty owed is paid quickly by Espace thanks to a duty cash deposit.

Once the goods have been cleared into Europe, they are free to roam and to be used at other events in any European country as many times as needed.

When items are required to be returned to the UK, irrespective of when they were exported and to where, using the teams European partner to act as exporter of record, goods exit the EU via France and reimported into the UK. Any duty (when Returned Goods Relief cannot be used) is paid against the teams Duty Deferment Account and VAT postponed against their VAT number making Espace’s EasyEU solution the quickest and most cost effective available.

What Next?

Read about our innovative DDP Incoterm solution to deliver goods into the EU – EasyEU or speak to one of our team on 01543 418700

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