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The effects upon industry – Part one

Unless you’ve been locked inside a container for the last how many months, you probably already know the way we import and export goods in Europe could change very dramatically, very soon! The elephant in a lot of logistics rooms right now is the looming vote to decide the status of Britain’s European Union Membership.

Although this will have a knock on effect to all industries inside and outside of Britain, one industry we can guarantee will be effected quickly and directly as a freight forwarder is… you guessed it freight forwarding! In today’s referendum blog article we will look at a few industry professionals and compare the opinions surrounding the changes which could be implemented upon leaving the European Union.

Within the logistics and import/export industry the entire process of transporting goods would have to change were Britain to leave the European Union. Two brilliant contrasting views can be taken from industry leading professionals Ian and Andrew Baxter’s Commercial Motor article. Within this article the two brothers take into account key facts and their own experiences in order to develop individual opinions, which unexpectedly pits them on opposite sides of the referendum.

This might be considered more unusual than a City fan living among die hard United fans but this is brilliant in terms of generating an opinion which takes in to account both ends of the scale. Supporting an exit from the EU, Andrew Baxter, MD of Europa Worldwide Group argues that an exit from the European Union would help both the UK and EU’s economy to succeed.  The customs clearance procedure in the distribution of goods between the EU and the UK would be more complex he admits, but if this is coming from an industry professional whose company distributes 75% of its goods between the UK and Europe then this is obviously reason to sit up and listen. In short Andrew believes we should regain our own control of governance and leave the EU.

On the other side of the fence Ian Baxter, chairman of Baxter Freight argues that staying in the EU is the best course of action. Previously campaigning to keep the pound and strongly opposing the prospect of a federal Europe, Ian has been persuaded to vote to stay after the renegotiation by David Cameron. Ian states that although working with the EU is difficult at times the pros outweigh the cons. His supporting arguments focus around the fact that the EU is a free market of 500 million people (the largest in the world!) and while we could leave the EU, the increasing costs and impact of customs clearance would have a detrimental effect on the industry and the economy.

Some very interesting arguments from each party, but what do you think? Next week we will continue looking at specific industries that may be effected by the referendum and how they plan to combat any negative possibilities. As mentioned previously we LOVE to hear you opinions and feedback so please comment below and let us know which side of the fence you’re sat on!

Tony & The Espace Team

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