Yesterday, the EU proposed to limit the days in which foreign drivers can drive across Europe on lower wages. Richer EU countries like France and Germany have complained competitors from Eastern Europe are undercutting them by sending over a driver on lower wages.

Foreign drivers will be given the title “Posted Worker” meaning they would potentially receive at least the minimum wage of the country they are working in. Drivers would be categorised as a “posted worker” if they spend 3 or more days per month working away from home.

Eastern European countries hit back by calling these restrictions on their drivers as protectionist.

In previous weeks, we have seen France try to take action by charging €40 per foreign driver and the introduction of the macron law, where every foreign worker has to be paid the French minimum wage throughout their time in France.

The impact of higher wages will lead to higher haulier costs which will be passed onto the customer. However, the proposition would make it fairer for the hauliers which are from the richer countries.

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