The Right Size Pallet


One of the biggest considerations that need to be made is how big the pallet needs to be. Get a pallet too big is a waste and getting a  pallet too small it won’t fit your load.You can get pallets in a number of dimensions, so it is important that you do your homework before you buy. Click here for a Pallet Sizes.




Like with any product you get what you pay. The biggest recommendation we can give is not to get the cheapest pallet because of it is likely it will not last as long, in the long run, it could work out more expensive since you will be paying out for more pallets. Best thing to do is to pay out a little extra for a good quality pallet.

Another thing that will help is to get in contact with the supplier and question them on the sort of conditions the pallet has been manufactured to withstand.


Buying for the right price


Buying for the right price is an important consideration. Although we would not recommend buying the cheapest, not being overcharged is important. It is important that you compare prices from around the market. The consideration of price should come in after the quality/durability has been checked.




ISPM15 Stamp

ISPM15 Stamp

More than likely your pallet will be visiting a country which requires wooden pallets to be ISPM15 compliant. So
when searching for pallets be sure to check it has the ISPM15 stamp which should look similar to the image on the left.

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