Three months ago on 18th January, the first freight service from China to the UK arrived in London as part of the revival of the ancient “Silk Road”.

Yesterday, a train loaded with British goods had set off from Essex, London. It has begun it’s 7500-mile journey to Yiwu, China.

The freight train is pulling 30 containers filled with Whisky, soft drinks, vitamins, pharmaceuticals and baby products.

The route will take the freight train through France and Belgium to Duisburg, Germany.

From Duisburg, it will be taken through Poland, Belarus, Russia and Kazakhstan before reaching its final destination in eastern China on 27 April.

Surprisingly the freight train makes sending freight to China cheaper than by air and faster than a ship.

This route opens up more opportunity for trade between China and the United Kingdom. The rail link is a definite for “global Britain.”.  We may see future projects to improve the UK’s links with other trading powers develop since the UK is preparing for a future outside the EU and the ability for it to strike its own trade deals.

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