Russian Steel Ban

The sanction imposing the ban on imports of Russian steel and iron processed in a third country went live on 30th September, 2023.

Both the EU & UK governments now require evidence that all steel products of all origins do not contain material of Russian origin.
Exporters and importers will be required to comply with the ban and will be asked to prove their compliance. Upon entry, any iron and steel product targeted (HS codes beginning with 72 and 73), importers will need to provide evidence that the goods they import do not contain any Russian origin sanctioned iron or steel in them.

We ask customers to quickly identify iron and steel products that fall under the HS codes 72 and 73 on any shipping docs they receive before the goods are shipped. For all affected products, the shipper will need to either provide a Mill Test Certificate (MTC) or update the commercial invoice with the following statement;

“The exporter of the products covered by this document declares that there are no products within this consignment that contain Russia-originating sanctioned iron or steel material and that evidence can be produced upon request.”

Espace will not be held responsible for any costs relating to non-compliance to regulation 46IA.

More information on the UK Goverment website

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