Most people make resolutions for the New Year and by February the vast majority of these declarations are forgotten about. Take a different stance this year, make your business better and address concerns in the following areas.

Cut freight costs: Work out how much you spent on freight costs in 2013 and aim to reduce this figure in the New Year. Use a freight forwarding company that actively aims to reduce the cost of shipping, like our business at Espace Global Freight. See how much money you can save with our one-stop service and make 2014 a prosperous year for business.

Reduce waste: Run a campaign to reduce waste within your company, set up new environmental practices, recycle more, become a greener, leaner business that cares about the environment and the impact you have on the planet. Get everyone on board with a waste reduction scheme, make workers aware of their roles and responsibilities

Make your workforce happier: Invest in people, create a healthy, happy and harmonious working environment, it’s better for business and better for workers as well. Have regular performance reviews, analyse ways to make improvements within the company and recognise hard work from your over-achievers.

Plan more: Set up regular strategic planning meetings and establish set goals from the start of the year. Draw up a scheme of where you are now and where you want to be in 12 months times, don’t rest on your past success, aim for bigger and better things in 2014.

Enjoy life! Take time to appreciate everything you have, you only have one life so make the most of it and do something new and interesting this year. Feel good about yourself, it’ll have a massive impact on your performance at work, strike a happy home/work balance and it’s better for business and better for you as well!

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