india of bharat

A new chapter may be about to begin

In late September the Modi-led government are looking to bring a special resolution to look to change the official name of India to Bharat. This would be a large statement in how the country wishes to be seen as it pushes to the future.

That name may ring a bell to those who know a bit of history, this name is not something totally new. India has been referred to as Bharat in various historical and cultural contexts. Bharat is one of the traditional names for India and has been used for millennia in Indian literature, scriptures, and cultural references.

The term finds its origins in ancient Indian texts, including the Vedas and the Mahabharata. In Hindu mythology, it is believed to have been named after King Bharata, a legendary emperor and ancestor of the Pandavas in the Mahabharata.

The official name of India in the Constitution of India is Bharat in Hindi and India in English. Both names are recognised and used interchangeably in different contexts. Bharat is often used to evoke a sense of cultural and historical continuity with India’s ancient past and its rich cultural heritage. Bharat may become the name related to the country’s promising future.

With the country emerging more and more as a global power in trade, does this mean we will soon be moving pharmaceutical, automotive and IT technology to and from Bharat? This may be a landmark moment as the country grows further.

There will be many motives and arguments for and against such a big change we will wait to see how this progresses. Acknowledging cultural change is an extremely important part of international freight and all good freight forwarders will keep up to date on big changes in different markets across the globe.

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