Ship a box overseas and you are never going to see it again so how do you make sure the item inside the box remains intact during it travels? This article looks at how to pack a box with care to prevent damaged goods from arriving at their destination.
1. Choose a sturdy box: Don’t pick a bashed-up, beaten-down cardboard box that looks like it’s had the stuffing ripped out of it. Pick a sturdy box that’s free from rips or tears and make sure there’s no sign of wear.
2. Check the size: Look at the size of the item you intend to ship and compare that to the box. Will it fit inside okay? Allow some space around the side and the top for packaging, you need to cushion the interior if you can.
3. Place bubble wrap in the bottom: Create a ‘bed’ for the item to sit upon, this can be bubble wrap, old newspapers or foam bits if you prefer. Pack the bottom of the box with the material and get ready to place the item you want the ship on the top.
4. Protect the goods: Wrap protective layers around the item you are shipping, this could be more newspaper, bubble wrap or tissue paper, use as much as you can spare to really cover the goods. If you are shipping hollow items like vases, fill the inside with newspaper or tissue paper as well.
5. Place the item inside the base: Make sure it sits ‘snug’ on the base layer you have created.
6. Pad the box out: Fill around the sides of the goods with more packing materials, again, use bubble wrap, newspapers or foam pieces until the sides are neatly packed and the item doesn’t move.
7. Do the same with the top: Cover the item with one final layer of protective material and pop a card inside the box that has return address details just in case.
8. Close the lid: Shut the flaps of the box and seal them up with heavy duty parcel tape. Go along all the seams with the tape and run along the edges of the box as well, just to make sure it doesn’t split during its travels.
9. Label it up and arrange to get it shipped: It should arrive in pristine condition!

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