We ship to over 500 UK and European countries at Espace so you could say we go the extra distance to keep our customers happy. Over the years we have acquired a deep knowledge about the freight forwarding industry so we know the kinds of pitfalls our customers face. That being the case, we decided to write this blog about common mistakes that could affect the delivery of your consignments.


  • Incorrect packaging: Would you pack a bone china vase in a plastic carrier bag if you were going to pop it in the post? Of course you wouldn’t, you’d want to protect your goods and provide them with suitable packaging that’ll keep them safe until they arrive at their destination. Apply the same theory for shipping. If you have large consignments of goods that are going to be shipped overseas make sure they are packed correctly so they arrive intact.

  • Wrong labelling: Insist on checking labels so you know they’ll arrive where they are supposed to and not turn up at the wrong address. Label things up wrong and they won’t arrive at their destination or could be sent back to the country of origin and you’ll incur extra shipping costs.

  • Lack of document knowledge: Different countries have different criteria for customs, you might need a specific type of documentation for one destination and another type for a totally different country. If you are shipping overseas make sure you know the trade laws for that country or use a shipping service like ours at Espace that takes care of everything from start to finish.

  • Using the wrong freight firm: Pick an inexperienced shipping service and you have no guarantees that your consignment is going to arrive. Professional businesses like our shipping service at Espace have a network of contacts, so it doesn’t matter where your consignment is heading we can deliver on time and ensure speedy passage of your goods without any delays.
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