What is a Freight Forwarder? What do they do?

A Freight Forwarder is a person or company which organises the shipments of goods for other people or businesses. Freight Forwarders are not the ones that move the goods they are the intermediate between shippers and carriers, they deal with the frustrating administrative aspect of shipping. They also build close relationships with carriers which allows them to negotiate better deals.

Benefits for businesses


Cost Saving

freight forwarding money saving

Freight Forwarder are able to negotiate better deals with carriers due to the high volume of shipments they handle.




 freight forwarding flexible
Freight Forwarders are more experienced and better equipped to deal with problems. For example, the truck carrying your shipment has broken down how would you be able to handle this smoothly? For freight forwarders this is just a walk in the park to handle.




Simplicity (stress free)

freight forwarding relaxed 
Simplicity in the logistics industry doesn’t come around a lot. Whilst you still have control of you shipments freight forwarders take on all the administrative tasks. All you have to do is tell them where to pick the goods up and their destination.


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