How positive are you feeling about the New Year? Hopefully you’ll be full of optimism for what lies ahead and be entering January in a positive frame of mind. The New Year is a good time to make resolutions and it’s not a bad time to think about reducing expenditure either. We can help by trimming the cost of global freight and there are other methods you can adopt to save your business money in 2014.  We’ve listed 5 ideas that should save a little cash, feel free to try them this year.

Shop around for suppliers: Loyalty is admirable in business but sadly, it’s not always your cheapest option. There are huge savings to be made simply by shopping around so never accept the first price you get for anything, whether it’s global shipping or replacement printer paper. Haggle as much as possible and scout around for the best bargains.

Use online resources as much as possible: Internet sites are good places to bag bargains, ‘virtual’ stores have lower overheads than businesses that have shop fronts. Use sites like Ebay to shop for office furniture, try Amazon for office peripherals and look for cheap printing through well-established online sites.

Save money on utilities: Do a price comparison for heating and electric, large savings can be made simply by switching suppliers. Make a conscious decision to slash the cost of utilities in the New Year, pay less for heating and power by doing price checks online.

Use energy saving measures: Make sure your building is well insulated, swap lighting to LEDs or other energy-efficient sources. By taking proactive measures to save energy, you’ll cut down on costs and become a greener business at the same time.

Network online: Use online resources to network, get noticed through Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn accounts and let social networking market your business. It won’t cost you anything and it’s a great way to spread the word about your business, plus it’ll make people sit up and take notice.

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