Is there an alternative to a pallet network?

Each UK pallet network will have a central hub to and from which pallets are transported. The grouping of pallets for delivery to a specific postcode operated by a specific pallet network member has many benefits. One of the main disadvantages to pallet networks is that pallets can be transhipped many times, causing damage and loss. Three possible alternatives are:

  1. Use a day hire fleet. If you have regular deliveries to certain areas of the U.K, you can hire a vehicle and a driver on a day hire basis to make these deliveries for you on a milk run. If your customers have stockpiled your empty pallets, this vehicle can collect the pallets and return them to you. Your freight is not transhipped and delivered same day.

  3. Co-load service on a vehicle. A van up to articulated lorry could collect your individual pallets or part loads and delivery direct to your customers. A little more flexibility will be needed as other freight will need to be available to load with yours to that specific delivery area.

  5. Contract hire your own vehicle and employ a driver. Smaller vehicles such as vans and 7.5 tonners are quite economical to hire on a monthly or annual contract hire basis. Drivers for these smaller vehicles do not command the same rates as HGV 1 drivers attract. It might be a viable alternative if you have daily or very regular deliveries to a specific customer. Back load haulage websites exist which will help to get the driver back to base with a paid load.

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