European Express Freight

The Express Freight Emergency Service

We started to offer a European express freight service in 2005 and the service has gone from strength to strength. We are so confident in our ability to deliver your emergency express shipments on time we offer a money back guarantee.

European Express Freight

Need to book Express 24/7?

For guaranteed next day deliveries to or from Europe, get an instant quote and book using our European Express Transport Calculator

Sign in to our free Express Freight tool and get.

  • Instant price, transit time and booking for your European Express van shipment
  • From shipment notification, we can place a van anywhere in UK/Europe within 2-4 hours
  • Anytime, anywhere access to instant quotes from your phone, tablet or computer
European Express Freight Prices

How we do it

Having a trusted network of European agents allows us to be



100% on time delivery

Sky High

Dedicated air charter solutions


A full range of express delivery solutions; express vans, double-manned trailers and hand carry options

Money Back Guarantee

Guaranteed express van delivery or your money back

24/7 Access

Online tool allowing instant access to European express van prices and transit times

Award Winning

Global Freight Award Winners 2014

Your European Express Freight Expert

Our dedicated Express desk is manned by Geoff Yates

Vanessa Patel

Vanessa Patel

Ops Manager

Direct Dial: 01543 412323
Email Vanessa
Matt Beale

Matt Beale

UK Freight Manager

Direct Dial: 01543 412337
Email Matt
Weronika Yates

Weronika Yates

Euro Express & UK Operator

Direct Dial: 01543 412345
Email Weronika
Anthony Kisley

Anthony Kisley

UK & Euro Express Operator / DGSA

Direct Dial: 01543 412343
Email Ant
Harsheet Singh

Harsheet Singh

UK / Euro Express Operator

Direct Dial: 01543 412309
Email Harsheet

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