European Pallet Delivery

All the benefits of a european pallet delivery Express Service at a fraction of the price!

Espace PLUS offers a semi-express European transport service by co-loading our Express vans with another shipment. This extends the delivery by one day and we will be able to offer you a heavily reduced rate.

European Pallet Delivery

How Espace PLUS works

It’s a great alternative between dedicated express and standard groupage services. As you all may know, a single pallet on its way to say Southern Italy from the UK can be handled 6-7 times before it gets delivered. For all freight forwarders and logistics companies, there will always be an outside chance of loss or damage with so many touchpoints.

Our semi-express service is non-tranship

Once we collect your pallet(s), they won’t be touched again until they arrive at the delivery point.

So what’s the difference in price?

European Pallet Delivery Consolidated vs Express Price Comparison

* Espace PLUS prices are based on shipments from 1-3 pallets, maximum total weight 500 kilos. Our Money Back Guarantee not applicable on this service

Your European Pallet Delivery Express Plus Freight Expert

Our dedicated Express desk is manned by Geoff Yates

Ciaran Slater

Ciaran Slater

Switzerland, Spain & Portugal

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Dawn Ellis

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