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How do you support customer commitments when standard turns to urgent?

In today’s world you never know what will be expected of you or your business. Thats why it’s important you can react to any commission or deadline with speed and precision, and at Espace we love the challenge of helping your business achieve your goals.

The Problem

A transatlantic shipment, over 10000 miles, collected and delivered within 48hrs.

When a regular client of ours got in touch in a panic to ask for support on 
an urgent shipment of military tyres to the United States, our air freight 
team knew exactly what was required. With confidence and reassurance 
they booked a must-ride solution with our preferred airline.

Espace Air Freight Services

The Solution

Using our comprehensive network Espace found a way to move this cargo via express road and must-ride air freight.

Goods were collected using our UK Road Express and taken to Heathrow. Using the must-ride service, the goods were screened with priority and flown the 10000 miles to their destination where they were transferred to our road freight partner for the final leg of the journey.

Must Ride Air Freight

The Result

Delivered to the customers door in the USA the very next day. Military tyres exported with the military precision.

Espace continues to develop and learn more effective ways to help our customers, tailoring solutions to provide you the best possible result in freight forwarding

We have been using Espace for all our air freight shipments since 2010.

I cannot fault their dedication, attention to detail and the 24/7 service that they provide. We have to meet some very tight installation deadlines all over the world and the Espace team have never let us down. They are an invaluable partner for us.

International Co-ordinator

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