Publishing & Events Management Logistics

We provide standard and time-critical transport services to a number of publishing & events management companies.

Event Supply Chain Logistics

Most of our work is in the following 4 sectors.

  • Concerts
  • Exhibitions
  • Festivals
  • Sporting events

We have a large network of freight partners and in-house expertise that allows us to provide bespoke freight solutions ensuring your printed matter / merchandising gets to your event on time.

We have the ability and infrastructure in place to react to last minute requests / changes of plan to keep your event on time and on budget…

What they say

We’re an award winning events and festival production company focused on quality, safety and budget.

We have used Espace on a number of our projects, the biggest being the Holi-One festivals. In 2014, we chose Espace to store, pick and pack and distribute powder and merchandising items to 15 festival sites in the UK, Ireland and France. On time deliveries, post event collections and accurate stock control and were critical to the success of this event. Knowing we had a dedicated team at Espace focused on our specific needs was very reassuring and allowed us to channel our attention on the successful running of each event.

Robert Dudley

Live Events and Production Manager, The Fair, Shoreditch