Our drivers rely on the latest satellite navigation technology they can find their way to the most hard-to-reach destinations thanks to GPS technology. It seems hard to imagine a world without sat-navs. A large number of cars are equipped with navigation as standard, you can buy dash-mounted kits or download free navigation apps to your phone. Here’s what to look for if you do.

Accuracy: A sat-nav is only good if it gets you to your destination, it’s next to useless if it doesn’t. How do you know if the sat-nav is accurate or not? One way is to go for a drive and do a dummy run, the other is to look at reviews by people that have used it in the past. Before you download a sat-nav app from the Apple Store or Play Store read what other people have to say about it. If it sounds good and gets a good rating you have nothing to lose (apart your direction!).

Ease of use: How simple is the sat-nav to use? When you’re in a hurry you want to be able to punch in data fast and need your route plotting in seconds. If you install a free app and it takes ages to plan your route you might be better of uninstalling it and trying another system, there are plenty of free options through your phone’s app store.

Voice guidance: This is a must when you install a free navigation app. Don’t pick a basic version that merely shows you where you should be going, choose a voice guided version that’ll provide you with clear instructions at every major junction.

Extra features: It’s handy if the navigation software tells you the speed limits on roads, warns you of speed cameras, shows where congestion is and highlights where filling stations are. Pick a ‘freebie’ that provides all of the above and more and journeys will be a doddle from now on!


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