We touched on the subject of packing boxes correctly in one of our earlier blogs at Espace, give it a read if you are shipping an item at any point in the future. That’s only half the battle though. Once you pack the box you have to decide how to send it so we thought we’d offer our assistance if we can. Obviously we’d like you to use our services for air, sea or road freight, if not though, consider the following when you are shipping consignments.
• Think about the timeline: How soon do you want to the item to arrive? Is it an urgent consignment that needs to be delivered the same day? If so, an express courier could be useful, use a same day service that’s guaranteed to deliver results. For any non-urgent deliveries check the cheapest delivery options, next day or within a few days is normally acceptable if there’s no rush for the goods. Freight deliveries are going to take longer of course, don’t worry though, our service is renowned for its speed and efficiency and we guarantee our next day air delivery.
• Do you want to track the item? Most companies utilise track and trace technology today so it’s easier for you to monitor the movement of consignments. Tracking items is good for customer service, if clients ring, you can tell them where their goods are and when they are likely to be receiving them.
• Should you pay for insurance? Ship items with some companies and it might be worth checking their insurance cover. If in doubt, take out extra insurance, cover your back just in case there are any problems.
• Are weekend deliveries going to be a problem? Getting stuff delivered on a Saturday can be a bit of nightmare if you pick the wrong shipping company. If you have promised customers that goods will arrive at the weekend do a double check with your shipping firm to make sure they can fulfil your obligations.

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