After years of bad news the British economy is finally looking up, and with it so is the freight industry!

According to the British Chambers of Commerce the third quarter of this year has seen a significant improvement in sales for many companies in the UK.  This great improvement in the economy is causing a massive demand for freight services as companies are beginning to import and export more goods again.

The Eurotunnel has benefited from the rise in imports, the chairman and chief executive of the Eurotunnel said “In the freight market it’s quite clear that the economic recovery in Britain is driving huge demand.”  The number of freight trains that are travelling through the Channel Tunnel has increased by a massive 11%, with the majority of the imports coming from Germany and Eastern Europe.

If your business has been feeling the benefits of the economy’s upturn and needs to increase its exports then at Espace Intelligent Freight we offer a service to suit any of your freight forwarding requirements.  Wherever in the world it is that you need to send your goods to we will be able to get them there safely and quickly by road, sea, or air.

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