We don’t want our customers to pay any more than they have to for shipping at Espace so we stood around scratching our heads wondering how we could save you money. One of our brighter sparks came up with the idea of compiling an educational guide that gave you tips on how to ship goods for less. We were impressed and the following blog is a result of that innovative idea!

  1. Get the weight right: If you are getting goods collected from your business address weigh the products once they are packed. Don’t try to ‘guestimate’ the weight, it’ll be reweighed at the carrier’s hub and this could bump up the freight class. If you weigh it first you’ll know exactly how much it’s going to cost and you won’t be stung with extra charges.

  3. Pack them properly: Poor packaging will cost you money. If a carrier classes a package as incorrectly packaged they can repackage it and charge you for the surcharge. Don’t let this happen. Pack it properly in the first place and you’ll avoid paying for this mistake.

  5. Consolidate consignments: Rather than sending two consignments separately to the same location bundle them up and consolidate multiple shipments to save money. Rates are generally lower if you can combine consignments so amalgamate them as often as you can.
  6. Deliver to business addresses: Get packages delivered to residential homes and this bumps up the cost of freight. Think about getting them delivered to business addresses or have them dropped at airports instead, it’s generally cheaper because commercial areas are easier to find.

  8. Plan ahead: The more time you have to prepare deliveries the cheaper it’s going to be. Book freight services in advance and it’ll cost less and give you a greater chance of your goods arriving on time. Obviously this isn’t always possible but try to plan in advance if you can.
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