“If we’re late, you won’t pay the rate!”

That’s right…If one of our express vans fails to meet the agreed deadline on a UK or European express shipment, we won’t charge you for it. Since its opening in 2005, our Express division (Espace Express) has seen steady growth. We are now handling approximately 100+ European express and 70 U.K express shipments a month on our fleet of vans, 7.5 / 17 tonners and double manned artics.

We have seen demand for express transport rocket in recent years. Manufacturers have had to react quickly to their customers calling forward urgent deliveries. With the move toward holding minimal stock levels and lean manufacturing processes, we have seen a huge increase in Just in Time (JIT) delivery requirements. In fact, almost 25% of the freight we currently carry is on a JIT basis.

With severe penalty clauses in place for late delivery to production lines, many of our customers need the assurance that with one call, they can unburden themselves of the stress and worry caused by these “ got to be there yesterday” demands.

Espace Express….Paracetamol for logistical headaches!!

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