UK Freight Solution Design

In your report you’ll get a summary of the areas in which we feel we could optimise your UK freight and identify risk, cost and time savings.

Freight Essentials

How it works


Send us six months of your company’s UK freight data


We’ll analyse your data and
design your UK Freight Solution


Highlighting areas for improvement
and potential savings.


Extended deep data analysis
and improvement programme

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All we need is six months of your data
and we’ll do the rest…

Simply call our sales dept. on 01543 412348 or email

Questions & Answers

What data do I need to provide?

We will need between 3 and 6 months UK freight data to include; collection / delivery dates and postcodes, returns requirements, dimensions and weight of pallets (stackable or not), any specific delivery criteria / restrictions and cost paid per shipment.

What’s extended analysis and improvement?

Once we’ve started to carry some UK freight for you, we could advise on the following areas; risk assessments, warehouse design, packaging optimisation, KPI creation, finance, receipt handling and dispatch. We’ll build an improvement programme with you and help with its implementation.

What’s in the report?

We will feedback on the following areas; cost analysis, delivery alignment, route optimisation and reverse logistics (if applicable).

What else could Espace do for me?

Espace was established in 2000 as a specialist European road freight company. We also have a sea and air freight department and are members of a global partner network with representation in 900 cities and ports in 190 countries worldwide.