What is SMART Freight?

The SMART freight system is no more!

It is now known as “Check if an HGV is ready for the border”. The portal will be similar to many common gov.uk portals used for such applications, e.g payment of Vehicle Exercise Duty (car tax). Once complete, you will be issued with a Kent Access Permit.

All drivers of vehicles above 3.5T which wish to use Dover or Folkestone as their exit point of the UK to the EU will need to use this system. They will need to know their vehicle registration number, if the shipment has a MRN or TAD generated for it and what time they plan to cross the channel. If everything is in order, they will receive a green “permit issued” and can proceed to the port. Otherwise, the driver will receive either an amber “conditional permit” or a red “no permit issued” and will have to rectify actions advised and re-apply before heading into Kent.

If the driver decides to go to the port without a correct permit, they could be issued with a £300 fine by the police or the Vehicle Standards Agency and will be sent to one of the various lorry parks situated in the south east of England until their customs documents are in order.

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