We’re worried about the rising cost of vehicle insurance at Espace Global Freight, it hits us hard and we know it hits our fellow motorists hard too. Sadly the cost of motor insurance is rising due to fraudulent claims by gangs of organised criminals that ‘stage’ car accidents. The police and the government along with the insurance industry are trying to crack down on this behaviour but it’s still a problem in the UK. If you haven’t heard of these incidents here are some examples of the staged accidents on the public roads.

Crash for cash – Sadly a high proportion of drivers have fallen for crash for scams over the past few years. Criminals remove the brake light bulbs from their car and slam on suddenly causing the driver of the vehicle behind to crash into the vehicle. Not only do they claim for damage caused to the car, they make personal injury claims, their passengers make personal injury claims, they charge for towing, car storage and bump up the claim as much as they can.

Flash for cash – Like crash for cash, flash for cash involves unsuspecting drivers and heartless criminals. In flash for cash incidents criminals flash drivers out of side roads then deliberately smash in to their car. Afterwards they deny all knowledge of ‘flashing’ the victim out, this seems to have slipped their mind. Again, the claim is grossly exaggerated and substantial costs are pursued.

Smash for cash – Roundabouts are another area that thieves like to target. They pick roundabouts near busy shopping malls and pick on vulnerable targets such as young mums with children in the back or the elderly. Drivers will cruise slowly around the roundabouts, make late lane changes or pull up suddenly near the entrance to the roundabout causing the vehicle behind to smash into the rear.

If you think you are the victim of a crash for cash incident gather as much evidence as you can at the scene. Take witness details, make a note of the driver and any passengers they are carrying, take pictures and write down as much detail as you can. Hand this information to the police and inform your insurance company as well.


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