How to reduce Freight Insurance Claims in my business? ?

1. Take a photo of the shipment before it is loaded onto the collecting vehicle. If the shipment is lost, it will help with its identification. If the shipment is damaged in transit, the photo will also be your proof that the goods were in excellent condition when they left you.

2. Make sure the driver is given the opportunity to see the goods before or as they are being loaded onto the collecting vehicle. “STC” (said to contain) clauses are often written on dispatch notes by drivers to possibly refute insurance claims at a later stage.

3. Make sure your packaging is sufficient for the distance the shipment will be travelling. For example a 1800 mile journey via multiple European hubs to Bucharest, Romania will put a different stress on your shipment than a local 20 mile direct delivery.

4. Accurate shipment labelling. Make sure the correct product details are on the labels along with your address and the delivery address. Remove old labels and label all 4 sides of the pallet and the top. If sending multiple pallets, make sure each label states “ 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 of 5 pallets. For added security, place a copy of the address label inside the shrink wrap along with the commercial invoice in case the labels are removed in transit .

5. Choose the correct service. Single pallets destined for Europe can be transhipped multiple times in the UK and in the delivery country as they pass through transit depots and pallet networks. Each time your shipment is loaded onto or from a vehicle there’s a risk it could be damaged or lost. It might be worth paying a little more to minimise the number of transhipments or send it on a dedicated vehicle.

6. Choose a rigid sided vehicle. If you are dispatching full loads of high value goods, it might be worth considering paying extra cost to send them in rigid sided vehicle, known commonly as a box trailer. Thieves often cut the curtains on curtain-sided vehicles to see what’s inside.

7. Stipulate secure overnight parking only at all times. Parking in laybys, on industrial estates or in car parks with no CCTV or secure perimeter fencing will increase the risk of theft of your freight. This can only really be stipulated if you are sending dedicated or full loads.

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