A new report has been published stating that it is essential to make a switch to out-of-hours freight delivery in and around London. The report states that over the next 15 – 20 years the population in London will increase considerably by over a million people. If you think the traffic congestion in London is bad now, just imagine what it will be like then!
The report was published by the Freight Transport Association (FTA) and stated that it is “a must” that freight services become more flexible in order to include out-of-hours deliveries in the capital.
This move is part of a strategic plan to enable people to continue to be able to move around the capital’s roads freely and efficiently. The review has also called for a greater investment into infrastructure and technology in a bid to ease congestion.
Natalie Chapman, FTA’s Head of Policy for London said: “Too many deliveries are forced into the morning peak, due to the constraints of night time delivery curfews. We need to make better use of London’s road space throughout the day and night. It is crucial that the boroughs work with industry to relax these restrictions and the time is right for a proper review of the London Lorry Control Scheme which restricts the movement of lorries overnight.”

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