HA0489-048Express courier services from UK could get even quicker once the road improvements announced by Government start to take effect.  Delivery to Europe from UK will benefit enormously from improvements to M25, A34 & A27.  Also enhanced junctions on the A20 will speed up access to port at Dover.

The announcement which was made in December could have huge benefits for hauliers, freight forwarders and indeed manufacturers who want to get their goods to Europe in super fast time. This is especially true for the many time critical deliveries which Espace’s “Freight Emergency Service” now carry.

Transport Secretary, Patrick McLoughlin said: “Roads are key to our nation’s prosperity. For too long they have suffered from under-investment.

This government has a long term plan to secure the country’s future and this £15 billion roads programme is demonstration of that. Better roads allow us to travel freely, creating jobs and opportunities, benefiting hardworking families across the country.”

Spending during the next parliament on England’s roads network will be boosted further by maintenance funding worth more than £10 billion across the local and national road network.

Any lorry or van driver who has sat on the M25 in traffic will surely welcome improvements to that particular motorway?

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