What are all the customs abbreviations?

Customs agents love to talk in abbreviations! It can be daunting to read at first. We have collated a list of some of the most commonly used terms below:

Abbreviation Full Term

AEO- Authorised Economic Operator
BCP- Border Control Post (used to be BIP)
CCG- Customs Comprehensive Guarantee
CDS- Customs Declaration Service
CFSP- Customs Freight Simplified Procedures
CHIEF- Customs Handling of Import Export Freight
CPC- Customs Procedure Code
DAN- Deferment Approval Number
EAD- Export Accompanying Document
EHC- Export Health Certificate
EIDR- Entry In Declarants Records
ENS- Entry Summary Declaration
EORI- Economic Operator Identification Registration Number
EXS- Exit Summary Declaration
FTA- Free Trade Agreement
GMR- Goods Movement reference
GVMS- Goods Vehicle Movement Service
HS- Harmonised System (commodity codes)
IPR- Inward Processing Relief
KAP- Kent Access Permit
MFN- Most Favoured Nation
MRN- Movement Reference Number
NES- National Export System
OPR- Outward Processing Relief
SDP- Simplified Declarations Procedure
SAD- Single Administrative Document (C88)
SPS- Safety and Phyto Sanitary declaration
TAD- Transit Accompanying Document
UKGT- UK Global Tariff
WTO- World Trade Organisation

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