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Throughout this week we have been working in collaboration with a number of businesses to aid in the forwarding of 200 tonnes of turf for the Stade de France. Shipping like this is not uncommon but it does highlight the scale of some European road freight shipments that are made from England to France. The amount of turf being transported is pretty surreal and hard to visually imagine, so we’ve compiled a short infographic to try and show it’s equivalent using various subjects.


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Freight Fright? ( How you can guarantee next day road shipping within Europe)

Choosing freight services can be a time consuming task at the best of times, so what do you do when time is a limited factor? Panic? Bury your head in the sand? There is a better option, thanks to Espace Europe LTD.

In 2011, Geoff Yates (our fantastic service development manager) came up with the idea of “The Freight Emergency Service”. The concept was simple, next day delivery throughout Europe for those last minute or forgotten deliveries.

The “Freight Emergency Service” guarantees next day European delivery with a Money back Guarantee. Such a guarantee was a bold move and a first for the European freight industry.  

Partnered with a brilliant quote system which accurately generates a quote for your delivery on the basis of the information you enter, the freight industry would never be the same again.

Four years and over 5000 time critical deliveries later, “The Freight Emergency Service” continues to go from strength to strength.  So what are YOU waiting for?

Customer Care Award WINNER

The Espace team were delighted to be awarded the Customer Care Award at the Global Freight Awards 2015.  The awards were held at the Grosvenor House Hotel and recognise all that is great within the freight industry.  One of our visions is the be “trusted by our customers”.  This award is testament to how we are always willing to go the extra mile and provide a bespoke service to meet our customers’ road, air, sea and express freight needs.  MD Tony Shally accepted the award from ex Apprentice star, Nick Hewer, and said that it was so pleasing that a smaller company like Espace can compete with larger companies.  6. Customer Care Award_151117_banner (3)IMG_0345

Employer of Year Award Highly Commended

In what turned out to be a very successful evening for Espace, we were awarded Highly Commended in the Employer of the Year category at the Global Freight Awards 2015.  Espace are small fry when compared to the big names in the industry but we showed that you don’t have to be big to look after your staff.  We recognise that it is our staff that make us successful.  We try to develop them, recognise their efforts and reward them for their hard work.  One of our visions is to be “loved by our staff”.  We will certainly try to continue to look after our greatest assetsEmployer of Year

European Road Freight Prices

European Road Freight Price increases temporarily on hold

The European Road Freight industry nervously awaited a decision from Germany which could have had an impact on freight prices within Europe. However, the plans to apply the German minimum wage to foreign truck drivers transiting the country have been shelved.


The German Government had proposed that their minimum wage of 8,50 euros an hour would have to be applied to drivers of any nationality passing through Germany. This would have represented a large increase in cost for hauliers. The driver’s employer also faced extra paperwork under the measure, and a fine if the driver were not paid accordingly.


Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic Strongly objected to the suggestion as the minimum wage is much lower in those countries. The proposals would have had a huge impact on the cost of European road freight and especially on express freight traffic from the UK to Poland and Poland to the UK.


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