What Effect does European Haulage have on our Environment?

EU Freight emissions

In recent weeks, it has been brought into question whether the EU is a global leader in Climate Diplomacy. It has been brought to light that the EU still adopts an outdated vehicle emissions test. This doesn’t look great when put together with their extremely slow pace when introducing new CO2 regulation to minimise the ever growing road freight emissions.
Road freight trucks only make up for 5% of vehicles on the road in the EU; however, they contribute 25% of the emissions from road transport. Freight trucks consume ten times more fuel per kilometre when compared to passenger vehicles.

How does the EU look to fix this emission disaster?

Well the EU has developed a simulation tool called VECTO which will measure the emissions of new vehicles. It will be used as the basis of drafting legislation proposal which will be finalised by the end of the year.
Fuel consumption could be cut by trucks if manufacturers applied design improvements and low resistant tires. The lower fuel consumption of trucks will lead to less road freight emissions

Is electric the Future of Freight?

Mercedes-Benz and Daimler Trucks launched an electric truck called ‘Urban eTruck’ which at the moment is just a prototype, but it is capable of doing 200 kilometres a day. Other manufacturers have announced that they will be looking to develop electrical, heavy duty Vehicles.
So what other benefits are there of having electrical powered freight trucks? The electric trucks are cheaper to run when compared to petrol trucks. This will help anyone who uses European haulage companies since they will most likely pass these savings on to their customers.
Reduced noise pollution is also a benefit which comes with electrical powered trucks. This will get rid of one of the main externalities of the use of trucks. This will decrease the social cost of trucks running on the road.
By Espace

Espace Supporting Excellence

Here’s Tony our managing director talking about how Investors in Excellence has helped improve our business as a whole. It has allowed us to further improve our efficiency which has enabled us to improve our specialised European Road Freight services. We have also been able to introduce a few new services such as our Express Transport service.


Espace Flying High

Weight : 5700 kilos  Length : 15.17m   Width : 4.5m    Height 2.5m

Weight : 5700 kilos Length : 15.17m Width : 4.5m Height 2.5m

Here at Espace we specialise in European Road Freight and we see lots of shipments being delivered on time. Here is one of the more Abnormal loads we delivered last week. Last week we delivered 2 aircraft wings on an extendable flatbed trailer from Austria to Peterborough. ( photo shows the wings on our trailer at our partners depot in Holland.)

Transit permits needed to be applied for, but we had these in place within a few days. The trailer was accompanied by an escort vehicle from Austria to Holland. We shipped the trailer from Hook of Holland into Harwich where another escort vehicle was waiting to accompany it onto Peterborough.

If you have any European flat bed or abnormal load requirement, please send your enquiries to Geoff Yates.
Direct Dial : 01543 412306 Email : GeoffYates@espaceglobalfreight.com


French trade – Liberté, égalité, fraternité

French Trade


French trade – “Liberté, égalité, fraternité” 


“Liberty, equality, fraternity”, the national motto of France speaks volumes about the country and the major part it plays in Europe and across the world. Holding the title as the leading exporter of services and agriculture in the world, France provides 18.1% of European agriculture production and looks to remain a leader in service and agriculture exports for many years to come. But what do they export? What do they import? Find out a bit more below as we take a look at the European Championships Hosts in more detail.


Important imports!

Every year the French eat around 30,000 tonnes of snails but only 1000 tonnes of these are sourced from France. That’s right, 29,000 tonnes of snails are imported in to France every year with a majority of them coming from field within Eastern Europe. It is against the law to carry live snails on a high speed train in France without their own tickets!


Your very own Dairy Godmother!

France is the second largest milk producer in Europe. During 2012 France exported €6.9 Billion worth of dairy products.


Teamwork makes the dream work!

France is Germany’s largest trading partner.