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Need European Road Transport? That’s What We Do

With numerous agents all over Western and Eastern Europe, we can offer daily export and import delivery services for groupage, part and full load shipments. Our European network is so expansive that we can react to your enquiry quickly and at times place the vehicle...

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Why Use a Forwarder Over a Carrier Direct?

1. Forwarders are focussed on service delivery. Carriers can often be focussed on filling their trailers. 2. Forwarders can use many different carriers and use spot rates in the market to get the best rate for their customers 3. Forwarders have the advantage of buying...

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Shipping to Germany? Nicht ein problem!

Our German service rivals our French service for frequency of departures and shipments moved per month. With agents in Dusseldorf, Berlin, Munich, Stuttgart and Nurenburg, we really have the whole of Germany covered. Part loads are loaded on our partner’s vehicles and...

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Our Express Freight Service

25% of our business nowadays is in the time critical delivery sector, which we serve through a special division called The Freight Emergency Service. Find out more in the video below...

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European Road Freight Company New Admin Processes

Automating the processing of purchase invoices and the sending of sales invoices reduces cost and frees up time to spend on more business critical tasks. "We were working from 7 o’clock in the morning and Sundays to get all our invoices processed manually. Now we only...

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Are driverless trucks a reality?

For years the concept of driverless cars was seen more as a flight of fancy but that is about to change.  Google has already clocked up thousands of miles in a hybrid Prius, its autonomous car is a familiar sight on the California and Nevada highways. What’s more, BMW...

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Road scams to watch out for

We’re worried about the rising cost of vehicle insurance at Espace Global Freight, it hits us hard and we know it hits our fellow motorists hard too. Sadly the cost of motor insurance is rising due to fraudulent claims by gangs of organised criminals that ‘stage’ car...

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What to look for from a free sat-nav app

Our drivers rely on the latest satellite navigation technology they can find their way to the most hard-to-reach destinations thanks to GPS technology. It seems hard to imagine a world without sat-navs. A large number of cars are equipped with navigation as standard,...

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How technology is shaping the future of road safety

Are you old enough to remember the time when it was optional to wear a seat belt in the UK? Road safety has come a long way since those days and modern vehicles are fitted with a wide range of safety devices. Here are just some of the advances that have been made in...

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