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How to pack a box for shipping

Ship a box overseas and you are never going to see it again so how do you make sure the item inside the box remains intact during it travels? This article looks at how to pack a box with care to prevent damaged goods from arriving at their destination.   1....

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5 methods to help you save fuel

One of our recent blogs covered the topic of extending freezes in fuel duty and we questioned whether this was enough by the government? We’d like to see a reduction in fuel duty if possible, it’d certainly make things easier for domestic freight companies and put...

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Tips to help you ship for less

We don’t want our customers to pay any more than they have to for shipping at Espace so we stood around scratching our heads wondering how we could save you money. One of our brighter sparks came up with the idea of compiling an educational guide that gave you tips on...

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How to avoid mistakes when shipping overseas

We ship to over 500 UK and European countries at Espace so you could say we go the extra distance to keep our customers happy. Over the years we have acquired a deep knowledge about the freight forwarding industry so we know the kinds of pitfalls our customers face....

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How to safely pack hazardous goods for shipping

If you need to ship hazardous goods then you should take extra care to ensure that they are packed and shipped safely by an approved haulier. At Espace Freight we have plenty of experience in handling hazardous goods, we have an approved supplier list of hauliers and...

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UK Growth is great news for the freight industry

After years of bad news the British economy is finally looking up, and with it so is the freight industry! According to the British Chambers of Commerce the third quarter of this year has seen a significant improvement in sales for many companies in the UK.  This...

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