Air freight is one of the least commonly used methods of freight forwarding.  Air freight does tend to often be a little more expensive than other methods of freight forwarding, but it has plenty of advantages to make the extra cost worth your while.

Can be taken to almost any destination in the world

Air freight can be delivered to almost any destination in the world, making it an extremely flexible option.  Whether you need freight delivered to Australia, China or Amsterdam, you’ll be able to get it there by air freight.  There is already an extensive network of worldwide airports for you to easily get your freight cargo delivered.

Can be used for bulky/heavy shipments

Bulky or heavy items can sometimes prove more difficult to move by other methods of freight forwarding.  However there is a huge weight allowance when using air freight forwarding services.  Parcels of virtually any size, up to several tons in weight can be safely transported by air freight.

Very fast

Air freight is the quickest type of freight forwarding available, making it a particularly good option for time-critical freight cargos due to the speed in which air freight can be transported from a to b.


Air freight can usually be relied on to deliver your cargo within a set timeframe.  When you choose to deliver your cargo by air freight it means that you can schedule your delivery to arrive within a set timeframe without having to worry about traffic or delays on the road.

Lower insurance premium

The airports from which air freight is shipped from are extremely secure meaning that the insurance premium will be lower.  The speed at which the cargo is delivered also reduces the cargo’s transit time, again reducing the insurance premium.

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