One of our recent blogs covered the topic of extending freezes in fuel duty and we questioned whether this was enough by the government? We’d like to see a reduction in fuel duty if possible, it’d certainly make things easier for domestic freight companies and put more money in the pocket of the average family household as well. Until that happens read our tips on how to save fuel when you are driving around.

  1. Turn the engine off: Not when you’re driving, when you come to a stop! A number of modern cars are fitted with stop-start technology, they automatically cut the engine when you are sat stationary at traffic light and restart the engine when you dip the clutch. This saves fuel. If your car doesn’t have this type of system, get into the habit of switching the engine off manually. If you drive a modern motor this doesn’t burn extra fuel unless you press the accelerator so turn the engine off if you are going to be sat for more than a minute.

  3. Adopt a smooth driving style: Wheel spins, handbrake turns, J-turns and doughnuts are best left to stunt drivers. Take a smoother approach to driving. Read the road ahead to anticipate for unnecessary braking and acceleration, drive gently and eke out those extra miles.

  5. Change up sooner: Don’t leave your car in lower gears, shift up a gear as soon as you can. Higher engine speeds burn more fuel but savings can be made if you learn how to listen to the engine. Over-rev the engine and you’ll burn fuel, shift up at 2000 – 2500 RPM and drain every last millilitre of fuel out of the tank.

  7. Drive at slower speeds: Stick to the speed limit on the motorway, drive just under if you can. Resist the temptation to floor the throttle, you can burn up to 25% more fuel at 85mph than you would at 70mph.

  9. Remove roof boxes: Bike carriers, racks and roof boxes are useful accessories but they kill the aerodynamics of your car and waste gallons of fuel as a result. Remove roof boxes when not in use and you should see better fuel figures from the vehicle.
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