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The Effects upon Industry – Part Two

As many of us were enjoying the start of our Easter break last Friday we decided to let you enjoy your time off, free from Referendum commentary and discussion. With that said during the time that has passed since “The Effects upon Industry – Part one”  many media publications have realised that one industry could face a big disruption… Football.

Love it or hate it, the beautiful game might not be as pretty in future seasons with the possibility that more than 400 players may lose their right to play in the U.K.  The situation surrounding football and the referendum acts as a brilliant metaphor for many other industries.  To use this as an effective example we ideally need to focus on one of the richer clubs found in the Premier League. Using Manchester City as the “Britain figure” in this metaphor we see ourselves positioned as one of the better teams throughout the world. (Not the best but definitely up there…)

Football fans are probably aware that the oil rich club has been able to finance the transfers of some of the most talented players in the world and in similar fashion Britain has been able to finance the import of goods from across the globe.  In the event of Britain leaving the E.U. Manchester City and many other clubs face the risk of losing players who are currently allowed to play in the U.K. with an E.U. Passport. Similarly leaving the E.U. could create a loss of trade or at least make the process of importing/exporting a lot more complicated and expensive.

However another way in which Manchester City and Britain are alike is their use of home grown talent. With all the money to throw about neither have pushed their own home grown talent to its potential, preferring to spend and import rather than develop and export. In the case of leaving the European Union both would have no choice but to build internally and further improve British produce. Many may argue that this would be devastating as the time requirements would be a detrimental factor which has the ability to cripple both world rankings and future growth, however many also argue that this will expand the talent pool and further strengthen the country over time.

In short, we as a nation are rather like these clubs investing so much in international talent that we have neglected our own. What are your opinions? Please comment below and let us know you opinions!

Tony & The Espace Team

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