Yesterday we attended the BIFA awards in London where we were finalists in the Award for Staff Development. I recently saw these 2 quotes on social media and thought they would be appropriate for a post on Staff Development. Steve Jobs was spot on. Getting the best people you can for your business, developing them, paying them correctly, motivating and above all thanking and praising them for their efforts is a must if you want a team of A plusers.


In my opinion, Senior Managers / Team Leaders who do not invest any of their time in the development of their staff are not doing their job.  People want to feel secure and that their role is important. Appreciation is right up there in the basic hierarchy of needs triangle, ignore it at your own peril.   The knowledge, skills and competencies of your employees are the single-most significant driver of company value, especially for SME companies. Investment is absolutely required and employers should own the responsibility of providing more specialised business or sector-specific training and education.


We made a commitment a few years ago to develop our People as we recognised that  they were our biggest asset. That’s why I imagine we came runner up in the Employer of the Year at the 2015 Global Freight Awards and have just missed out on the BIFA Award for Staff Development. Developing our staff has greatly benefited Espace and the unbeatable service we provide to our customers, but equally as impressive are the benefits it has provided our staff. Where some businesses may have a revolving door policy and staff that feel under appreciated, Espace is proud to say that it has a brilliant collection of long serving staff, who are happy working for us for years to come.

This isn’t just beneficial for our family here at Espace, but also for our customers. We find that when you have a team of positive thinking, highly valued and well trained individuals working together as a team that each person will strive for the greatest results achievable. This basic necessity of respecting everyone involved and helping them to become the best they can be is one of the reasons we attract staff to us as an employer of choice.


So why wouldn’t you develop your staff?

Tony Shally

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