Case Studies

Express European Road Freight

Express Freight Full load, Cadiz to Aberdeen…
46 hours!


Oil rig spares Cadiz to Aberdeen Door to Door 46 hours

In January 2016 we were contacted by a customer who needed our help with a problem. They needed to get a full load of oil rig spares from Cadiz to Aberdeen in less than 2 days. As the cost to fly the shipment was prohibitive, we investigated what we could achieve with a double-manned trailer. Two drivers however still needed to take a break of 9 hours every 20 hours so we were going to lose the best part of a day in breaks with one double manned crew.


3 x double manned crews to run the trailer non stop

The first set of drivers collected from Cadiz and ran the trailer 17 hours non stop up to Bordeaux where a second fresh set of drivers were waiting. They ran the trailer via the Eurotunnel to Coventry. The final set of drivers took the trailer from there to Aberdeen.


Door to door delivery… 46 hours

Departed Cadiz Tuesday 19th January 11am
Arrived Aberdeen Thursday 21st January 9am

European Express Road Freight